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Best Bottled Water Filling Machine 2000BPH

Best Bottled Water Filling Machine 2000BPH

fob price $ 13,000.00

Most monoblock bottling machine capacity is very big so that price is expensive. But a lot first start water bottling company do not need such big capacity. If buy those hig speed monoblock bottling machine which is waste money one extra capacity.

883 Bottled water filling machine aim at 2000bph capacity, so that just fit 8 psc filling head, 8 psc washing head and 3 psc capping head. It save materials cost so that the bottling machine for sale price is cheap.

883 Bottled water filling machine is a monoblock type bottling machine collect rotary rinser, filler and capper in one machine. It take small room.

Every valve finished working on one bottle and will moving to next bottle around the 360 degree disk. It is continued working without any stop.

It is fully automatic and save labor. Easy use and control by PLC.

It is the new water bottling machine. Little-know way to increase filling efficiency with less cost.

Parameter Of 8/8/3 Bottled Water Filling Machine

Production Capacity2000-2500 bottles/h
Washing Head Quantity8
Filling Valve Quantity8
Capping Head Quantity3
Filling TemperatureNormal temperature
Filling TypeConstant Pressure Filling
Main Motor Power3.42KW
Bottle diameter40-102mm
Bottle height130-30mm
Air resource pressure0.5Mpa
Filling Water1-1.5T/H
Consume Water0.8T/H
Control TypePLC
Central Diameter of Filling Valve320mm
Central Diameter of Capping Machine120mm
Central Diameter of Washing Machine320mm
Dimension1850 X 1450X2000mm
Net Weight:1200kg 

Video of the rotary bottled water filling machine

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Its speed only 2000bottles per hour depend on 500ml bottled water. Production is very stable.

It is an best machine for people do not have experienced. All is setting well before out factory and do not need change any setting.

Rinser, filler and capper are all rotary type, So that whole machine is continued bottling water without any delay or waiting like linear type.

Layout of the 883 water bottling machine

8set catch bottle for washing bottle. The bottle are washing outside and inside by the flushing water from the moving washing head. 8 set filling valve filler pure water into the bottle and moving with the bottle together.

Then cap loading and feeding cap for every pass bottle water. 3 set magnetic twist full-tooth capping heads will screw bottle water with cap. It is automatic slip to ensure cap will not damaged by too much tightening.

What is complete set included ?

  • 8-8-3 Bottled Water Bottling Machine 3-in-1 monoblock
  • 2meter Empty bottle air conveyor inlet with fan
  • 2meter Product conveyor belt with motor

Rotary filler

Rotary type filling machine is made use an 360 degree disk to let filling is continued and none any bottle need waiting other. Also rotary washing and rotary capping is continued without waiting.

Rotary Capper

The washing valve is moving with bottle while washing bottle. So that it is continued washing without any stop. The capacity of production is synchronization and really.

8-8-3 Water Bottling Machine Electrical Configuration

1Main motorY90L-4 2.2KW1SETChina Suzhouframe
2Cover motorYCJ90W-4 0.09kw1SETChina Taizhouframe
3Jet water pumpBJZ037S 0.376KW1SETChina Yuehua Pumpframe
4Inlet pumpBJZ037S 0.376KW1SETChina Yuehua Pumpframe
5Conveyor motorUDL 0.37KW1SETChina Taizhouframe
6Air blower motorY802-2 0.75KW1SETChina Wuxiframe
9PLCFX1S-20MR1SETMitsubishiElectric control box
10InverterFR-D740E-2.2K1SETMitsubishiElectric control box
11BreakerDZ47-3P-D 20A1PSCSchneiderElectric control box
12BreakerDZ47-1P –C6A1PSCSchneiderElectric control box
13AC contactorCJX2-09106PSCSchneiderElectric control box
 Thermal relayJRSD-256PSCSchneiderElectric control box
15DC power supplyS-50-24V1PSCChina TaiwanElectric control box
16Terminal blockTD15451PSCTracyElectric control box
17Mushroom always stops01ZS1PSCSchneiderelectrical panel
19Indicator lightAD16-221PSCSchneiderelectrical panel
20Potentiometer1/2W 4.7K1PSCChina Shanghaielectrical panel
21Touch screenMT6070IQ1SETChina Taiwan Weilunelectrical panel
22Proximity switchPR18-5DN2PSCAUTONICSframe
23Photoelectric switchBR100-DDT3PSCAUTONICSframe
24Cover feed motor0.37KW1PSCChinacover delivery


What is rotary Water Bottling Machine?

Both Valve And Bottle Is Moving At The Same Time. And Every Washing Filling And Capping Valve Rotates At A Constant Speed Along The Circumference During The Bottling Process.
Rotary Water Bottling Machine Take Small Room And Speed Fast. It Is High Automaticlly And High Effective.

What is mono block Water Bottling Machine

It collect rinser, filler and capper in one mono block machine. Made use of rotary bottling technology. The bottling process is in an steel box which make sure the bottling environment clean. It is high automaticly and effective. It is the advanced water bottling machine in the world.

Why 883 mono block rotary water bottling machine

It is the smallest monoblock three in one water bottling machine in the world design by NEPTUNE MACHINERY. It is control by PLC and high automaticly. Tight structure and take small room. Because just aim at 2000 bottles per hour speed so that materials cost less. It is best water bottling machine to first start water bottle business.