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cheap and complete water filling line for 200ml to 2000ml bottle pure water

Cheapest water filling line for first start bottle water business.

It is an compeletely water filling line included all necessary equipment from A to Z. What machine needed for a complete water bottling line?

  • 1. Bottle blowing machine
  • 2. Bottle water washing filling capping machine
  • 3. RO water purification
  • 4. Date printer
  • 5. Bottle labeling machine
  • 6. Bottle packing machine

Production : 1000 Bottles per hour

Bottle Volume:200ml to 2 liter

Product: Pure bottle water, Mineral bottled water, Spring bottle water and other bottle drinks.


Complet Plant

Fob price: $ 32,000.00

1. Bottle blowing machine

Through heating preform and blowing preform into plastic water bottle. All-inclusive bottle making system for making 200ml to 2 liter plastic water bottle.

2. Bottle water washing filling capping machine

Linear bottle water washing, filling and capping machine. 2000 Bottles per hour capacity depend on 500ml bottled water.

3. 1000LPH RO water purification

RO system will removed eveything of raw water and producing pure water. The pure water is super pure TDS can reach 0-10.

4. Date printer

It need closed to the goods so that printing on cap is better. Also it can printing date on body of the bottle. It is very cheap

5. Bottle labeling machine

It need manual sleeve label on every pass bottled water, then bottle psss the shrink tunnel. PVC label face steam will tight on the bottle.

6. Bottle packing machine

Wrapping a lot bottle water in one bag with pe film, Then transfer the package go through shrink tunnel to shrinking the film and let it tightten these bottle water.

What botttle water can this water bottling line manufacturing?

It can bottling water and soda water without syrup. Like pure water, mineral water and spring water. It can bottling bottle water volume range from 100ml to 2000ml. One bottle water filling line can through change mold to producing different volume and shape bottle water. You can use one water bottling plant for making hundred different bottle water. But every kind of bottle mold cost $500 extra.

500 ml Purified water

555 ml Pure water

750 ml Soda water

1.25 L Soda Water

1.5 L Soda Water

1.5 L Mineral Water

Can one water bottling line produce both 500ml and 1500ml bottled water?

Yes. it can do.
Water bottling plant default come with 2 kind of bottle water mold. You can setting it at any shape and any volume range from 200ml to 2000ml. Like 500ml and 1500ml are most water company main bottle type.
If you need extra bottle, it need add extra $500 for every extra mold cost.

What kind of bottle water do this water bottling line can production?

Mineral bottled water, spring bottled water, pure bottled water, sparkling bottle water and soda bottle water

How much does it cost to setup a water bottling plant in Africa?

NEP-1000 water botting plant complete from A to Z cost $32000 dollar. And shipment freight to Africa cost $2000 to $6000 depend on ship which price change every week by ship. And it take 70 square meter production room. Just need a few workers. NEPTUNE support Africa engineer smooth finished installation 10days. Make it easy to start bottled water business.

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Make it easy to open an bottle water company in Africa

It is a very economic semiautomatic bottle water filling line for first start. Its modle is NEP-1000BPH. There are over thousand semiautomatic water bottling line running still running in the world.

It standing the market test. Most machine of this water filling line are automatic but connection is manual. It working placidly and reliable. It is easy to operate and maintain water bottling line.

The complete bottled water filling line take 70 square to 200 square meter production room. A lot bottle water factory start it at an normal building. Not need special find an factory room

How to do bottle design?

There are two main way to do a bottle design. First is use a scanner to scanning the really bottle. Second is modify depend on experienced bottle design.
A lot news talking about creative. But in actaul world, the imitate is the best way to success. A story to be a news because it is rare. Most people invest money to start a water business is hope to make money rather than because a rare.
A bottle design need considerable about final bottle beauty, stability and suitable size for goods shelves. Also, it need considerabel about the labeling type, materials use, filling what kind of liquid.
Over 20years bottled water experienced. NEPTUNE can find any bottle design drawing mistake and at the drawing step avoid detour like actually bottle waddled.

How to make plastic bottle?

In life, we can saw some liquid and goods is container by transaparent plastic bottle. Those bottle have a characteristic is thickness thin. That is PET plastic bottle.
The pet plastic bottle is not only save materials but also light to carry.
How to making pet plastic bottle. It popular use the 2 step making bottle process
It is use 2 step to making bottle. The first step is injection molding an hollow hard tube.
Why did not injection molding into a plastic bottle. Because the inject technology is difficult to molding an bottle thin enough.
So it need first use pet making machine molding into an hollow hard tube which we also called it preform.
A lot bottled water company buy preform directly. Because it is cheap and easy for freight.

plastic pet bottle produce by bottle making machine

How to control the bottle water quality?

China best blow mold technology. Make sure produce out plastic bottle best quality. Produce out mark clear and strong beauty plastic bottle.
To produce out the best quality plastic bottle. It will been like by bottle water customer. Then lead good business to the bottled water factory.

RO water purification machine will removed all contaminants, like solids, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, minerals such as iron, manganese and sulphur, and man-made chemical pollutants including fertilisers.
From the bottle design beginning NEPTUNE already considerable about the labeling, materials and high effective for capacity. To make sure produce out the bottle water like art with the high effective.

What manufacturer of water filling line can support?

A good manufacturer of water filling line must support bottle design, label design, layout design, warranty, installation and aftersales. Manufacturer is experienced of a lot plant every year. Those basic support most should be free and easy support by manufacturer. And installation should be cheap and fast support by manufacture.
Warning: A lot company just through advertisement selling water bottling plant without any support that lead buyer need paid large number of money to do design and install from third parties. Because a lot buyer is new to water business. They maybe can not find engineer insallation which lead buyer just buy steel take storage room.

How to do label design for bottle water?

Buyer just need offer basic information and idea picture. Then NEPTUNE will let designer do the professional water bottle label design. make sure your final bottled water beaty like an art. All this work is free.

How to do layout for water bottling plant?

Complete nep-1000bph water bottling plant only need an 70 square meter production factory. Other room if have then can use for office and storage room. Send us your factory drawing and we will drawing the whole line layout for you.

How is the installation for water bottling plant?

In past 20years. We build an lot water bottling plant in Africa. Support engineer installation and trainning.
Because of COVID-19. We now only can send Africa branch engineer who have 10 years experienced for oversea installation.

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shenzhen neptune
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Ajay

i do not remember bought how many times water filling line from neptune, it all good running and we trust martin. Sometimes neptune also introduce new customer through us to bought because dollar and import process in Zambia. Their machine is not very high speed but just suitable for first start and medium water bottling company. Because of different condition, it is no need to buy very high speed and very expensive machine from German or Big company which cost very large.


Most India water filling supplier is bought the China filling machine and selling back. We directly bought it from China NPETUNE company. It is most fast. When we import, we let martin do a 30% invoice to help reduce the import tax cost. It is easy machine, we find a local engineer and neptune online support to install well.

 by Remy Kisukula

Our bottle water brand is OXY. We do not convenient to China, A little risk to trust NEPTUNE. We hear a lot bad news of China supplier. But neptune is good. They arrange shipment to MATADI. And send engineer come install well the water filling line. We bought a lot times of container pet preform materials from neptune also. But it is cheap in Afria. Then we choice buy preform materials from locally.

 by Salim Amur

I not living in Tanzania. This water filling line is setup for my little brother. At first am a little worried about him. Because him has a distinctive artistic style. But when this water filling line build, him became like a business man. And everyday stay in the factory Research machine and bottle water business. That change him. It is the best gift for him.

 by Mong kutwattana hospital

I bought the water filling line from neptune and running prefect. And it seem not materials supplier in Thailand but we are closed to China, So that we still bought the preform materials from neptune. One thing is lose a handle date printer. Anyway neptune free send us one.

 by Arni Food

In 2015 We compare sunwell and neptune. Final choice neptune. Then 2016 and 2017 every year buy an new line. Neptune at first design well our factory for the three line in 2015 prefect. And every machine is good use. You can not imagine. Some other machine we bought from China first year is broken and our friend who bought from sunwell is broken and stop. For them everyday is trouble. Some company never send engineer for install just sell steel. NEPTUNE send three engineer come Suriname and install and trainning. We learn fast and the second line just let them send an blowing machine engineer, the third time do not need any engineer ourselves install it well.


We bought the water filling line and sachet machine and shipment to TINCAN just cost 40k dollar. Because neptune have a branch in Lagos, they arrange a local engineer come and install, It is smooth. We hear a lot Nigeria company install cost half a year. But we just a fews day finished.

 by Lan Albert

First time we bought a water filling line in 2014. Then this year to expend and booked another water filling line. The machine is good quality and engineer is good work. Our bottle water is popular selling in Seychelles.


i and my brother come China three time and cheak a lot supplier, Final choice neptune and order the water filling line. Everything is good. We big family all enter do it everyday 13hours to production bottle water.

 by Hope Ateke

I and my wife come to China face martin. We booked the water filling line. Neptune done the export well with the FORM M. And arrange shipment to Nigeria. Good install well.