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Pre-Sales Consultation

If you want buy bottling machine, send us a inquiry or called us. Our NEPTUNE team of professionals are ready to take on your toughest challenge! We will listen, really listen, to what you have to say.

Pre-Sales Consultation question

During Your Pre-Sales Consultation An NEPTUNE Associate Will Most Likely Ask You For The Following:

1. What volume of the bottle?

It mean the size of the bottle. How many ml did the bottle willing to container. Like 200ml 333ml 500ml, 555ml ,600ml, 700ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 2liter, 3liter, 5liter, 10liter, 3gallon or 5gallon.

2. What capacity of production do you need?

To produce how many bottle per hour. All of our production is synchronization. If you want 1000 bottles per hour. It mean one 8hours work shift. And also can produce 24000 bottles per day 24hours working.

3. Send us your bottle samples

You can send us really bottle sample for scanning the bottle design. Or you can choice an bottle design from our experience bottle drawing, Then refer modify idea.

In return, the team will provide the following:

1. Advise and recommend equipment for you individual application

2. Detail completely bottling line solution. It included every machine picture, introduction and price.

3. The bottle Professional scanning drawing design.

1. Drawing bottle design

30psc top suggestion beauty bottle drawing suggestion, Hundred of world famous bottle design for choice.
Client also can DHL us the really bottle sample. We will use 3D scanning machine scanning the bottle which is completely same with the really bottle.
500ml carbon drink bottle design 1500ml bottle design

2. Free Design Bottle Label

Two options for selection
a. We design the label for you, very ordinary label design.
b. You buy the PVC label from us, and we will commissioned the most professional label design company design label for you until you are satisfied.

3. layout

We will do the production layout according customer factory production room size. It will help make sure all conveyor belt and machine orientation. When all machine really install in factory. It will easy and fast install well.