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Shrink Wrapping Machine For Bottle

Semiautomatic Shrink Wrapping Machine For Bottle water, carbon drink complete set

Fob price $ 3870

What this price included?

Air Compressor

The shrink wrapping machine for bottles. Made use of the PE,POF,PP,PVC etc as packing material as materiasl. The film will shrink while face hot temperature.

Water bottle shrink wrapping machine will wrap film on a lot bottled water and got tight all bottled water after go through steam tunnel.

Mainly included three part:

    Air Compressor
Packing speed480psc Package Per Hour
Packing dimensionL250×W60×H140mm To L450×W270×H330mm
Film thickness0.03-0.25mm
Machine DimensionL3520×W830×H1980mm
Machine Weight640kg

The mostly usually bottled water pacakge way are the paper box and wrap package. Paper box need use carton package machine which have three part. Take big room and costly is high. And paper box materials also cost high.

Wrap film just cost pe film which is very cheap. 1kg pe film can package 500psc bottled water. And the bottle wrap film shrink machine is cheap and high automaticly. It can directly connect with conveyor belt and automatic arrange bottled water. It is need less labor. It is the best wrap package machine for small plant and small bottle water business. And it is mostly love by africa Country.



Sleeve wapper includes pushing, sealing ,cutting ,package in one. It is high automatically, the operator just need do a little job.

This machine possesses several advantages simple operation, quick sealing, sealing effect is beautiful and durable.


It uses the PE,POF,PP,PVC etc as packing material, the object will go into the tunnel directly after sealing and cutting ,so the work efficiency was heightened and the electricity consumption was reduced.

The motion-performing parts adopt high grade pneumatic component, so the operation becomes very simple, the capability is stable, the malfunction seldom happen, the lifetime is long, it can work continuous for a long time, so it can meet the requirement for large production.

The machine adopts AC motor for straight operation. The object packaged by this machine, have follow advantage: good looking ,neatness, dustproof, dampproof, prevent from broken, easy for carry and store. The consumption of the product is lowered, and possessing package cost advantage. The machine adopts advanced technician to protect the operator.

Control board

1.Power switch: it is for controlling the power on and off.
2.The setting method of the temperature controller:
A.The up line of display(red) shows the actual temperature,and the down line of display(green) shows the set temperature.
B.Press the SET button,the green light flashes.
C.Press ▲ to increase and press▼ to reduce the temperature.The temperature must be adjusted according to the thickness of film,usually ,150℃ is OK.
D.After seting the temperature ,press the SET botton again.It can start to operate when the screen becomes normal.
3.Pressing switch:Loose it,the machine will be operated by program designed.
4.Instant stop:please press it down quickly when the machine meet urgent problem.
5.Transition Switch:

Security alarm device

This alarm system will warn prompt when the goods is induced under the sealing bar.It can avoid accident and protect machine damaged.

Spare part list

+ screwdriver(big and small)1
17*19mm spanner1
Silica gel600*25*10 
SpringФ6mm Ф12mmФ14mm4
Teflon cloth 580*50mm2
Fuse5A/10A/25A 32A1
Journey switch Z15G17041
Micro move SS-5GL131



The principle of this machine is : two pieces of large impeller circumgyrate with high speed,to make the hot air that produced by the electric thermal pipe very even,then the hot air jet from every hole of inner container to shrink these objects which through the tuunel completely ,and the shrink effect is pretty good.If you have used the Far-infrared radiate machine ,you will find there are some terrible disadvantages with it,for example,when to shrink some gassiness drink’s bottle,like spring,Coca Cola.It is interfered by infrared ,the neck of the plastic bottle will become sunken and wry,when to shrink some strip things,the shrink effect is not good,the surface of the film will not be smooth,when to shrink something with strange shape,the film will broken very easily,but these problem will be solved by the jet machine.Because the hot air jet straightly,and it will not disturb the packing film,so the packing effect is very good,and the packaging object is very saft,don’t need worry about that the packaging object or the film will be burned by the heating pipe.The heating mode is inner circulatory,loose less heat,increase the heat effect,matched with precise brainpower meter decrease the temperature error rate to the lowest degree,the temperature of every jet hole is the same,so it needn’t to adjsut the partial temperature.


Thermal shrink packaging is one of the advanced packaging method in the market right now. It adopt the wrap the shrink film out of the goods or the package ,by heating ,the shrink film will shrink to the goods or the package slightly,it will show the perfect appearance of the good ,and make the the goods sell well.

Meanwhile,the packaged object is keep away from moisture, polluted,and it prevent the object from striked,it can prevent the fragile object from splashing. And it prevent the object from being opened or stolen.


  1. Adopt jet inner circulatory heating mode,during work ,it can continuously produce strong and even hot air,make the temperature in tunnel very circulatory,and it save the electricity.
  2. the conveyor part adopts large power DC motor,it can adjust the speed steplessly ,and there is a large lading capacity. It can continue work for a long time,and it is very stable 、reliable.
  3. the conveyor part adopts roller with silica gel pipe and teflon pipe,the roller move forward when conveyor,even the packaging object with accidented button also can be shrinked well,and the wearable ability is increased.
  4. the heating part adopt long-time used heating tube with shed heat structure.
  5. it adopts special machinery structure design,and the appearance is beautiful and splendent,and it is very easy to maintain.
  6. the temperature controlling part adopts advanced brainpower meter,the temperature control is very precious .
  7. all of the components adopt good quantity and good brand,so the quantity of the machine is assuring.
  8. any type of shrink film can be shrinked perfectly in this machine.


2Test pen1
36mm inner-hexagon spanner1
48mm inner-hexagon spanner1
510mm inner-hexagon spanner1
9+ type screwdriver1
10Silica gel pipe10
11Adjust speed circuitry board1
12Horse adjust screw4


How much does a Shrink Wrapping Machine Cost?

FOB Price is $ 3870. It included three part: sleeve wrapper, shrink packing, air compressor.

What is a shrink wrap machine for bottle

It wrap pe film around 6/12/24 bottles, then driven it go through shrink tunnel. The film will tightly the bottles when facing heat source.

wrap Package vs Carton Package

Shrink wrapping machine cost is only 1/6 of carton package machine. Wrap film is cheaper a lot than carton. 1kg film can package 500psc bottle water. What’s More, The pe film is anti-dirty and anti-rain.